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NYX bronzing stick & Jordana BEST extreme volumizing mascara Review June 9, 2012

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My first make-up reviews are here!!! I think I’m falling in love with this bronzer and mascara, and after reading my reviews I hope you do too 🙂

First the bronzer


This is a compact bronzer which makes it easier to take on the go in out little
Make-up bags. It has a roll-up design like stick chapsticks, and the tube is see through which helps to gauge when it’s time for more. Super easy to put on and not greasy or oily so it gives your skin some breathing room. Definitely something I’m keeping in my bag for sure 🙂

Now on to my new favorite mascara:)


Didn’t think I was gonna like this one. I’ve tried “volumizing” mascaras before with no avail, but think one has totally changed my mind. It has a rounded tip brush which is really nice, and comes out of the tube with just enough mascara on it. I hate it when you pull the wand out and half the tube comes with it and you’re having to sit and try and put all of it back in. Not with this one! It goes on really smooth and you instantly see the results. I have $8-$9 dollar mascaras, but I’ll use this one from now on!!

Hope these reviews help you start a make-up bag, or add to the ever-growing kits we have:)

Have a great weekend!


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