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I’m here I’m here oh heavens I’m here :) November 13, 2012

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I feel so awful that I haven’t posted anything lately. I fell in July and did MAJOR damage to my knee ( had surgery in October ) and been battling a stomach bug as well. I promise to post more and share with you when I’m up on my feet again…all pun intended 🙂

Meanwhile…my good friend over at PaintedLadies is doing amazing things. I recommend checking her stuff out and check out the awesome give away she has going on…here’s the link 🙂

You can get entered to win a $100 gift card from Olay…I did and fingers crossed I get one 🙂


Hi there!!! July 10, 2012

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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…work has kinda cuffed me to the desk and hasn’t let me go 🙂 but I am alive and will possibly be posting in the next day or so 🙂 stay tuned for more amazingness 🙂


Allow me to introduce myself :) June 11, 2012

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I just realized that in all the excitement of getting my blog up and running, I didn’t tell you anything about me.Let’s see, where to start..


I like long walks on the beach, and picnics in the park….just kidding 🙂 


I was born in Jacksboro, TN and grew up there till 1996 when my dad unfortunately passed away. My family and I moved to Dayton, OH shortly after because my mom was ill and she wanted to be closer to our family there. When she passed in 2002, I kinda “found” love and that brought me out to California in 2005. I got my college degree in Business and everything professionally started falling into place. In 2008, the guy that won my heart across the country and I were no longer together, but I found my true ” Prince Charming ” and we’ve been together ever since with our two dogs. I now work at a coffee shop, but my true dream is to own my own business one day, and I’m hoping that with this blog and other avenues that I’m pursuing, that will happen 🙂


Now since we have the formal introductions over, tell me about you. What have to experienced inlife? What are you wanting to see from me on here? Let me know 🙂 


NYX bronzing stick & Jordana BEST extreme volumizing mascara Review June 9, 2012

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My first make-up reviews are here!!! I think I’m falling in love with this bronzer and mascara, and after reading my reviews I hope you do too 🙂

First the bronzer


This is a compact bronzer which makes it easier to take on the go in out little
Make-up bags. It has a roll-up design like stick chapsticks, and the tube is see through which helps to gauge when it’s time for more. Super easy to put on and not greasy or oily so it gives your skin some breathing room. Definitely something I’m keeping in my bag for sure 🙂

Now on to my new favorite mascara:)


Didn’t think I was gonna like this one. I’ve tried “volumizing” mascaras before with no avail, but think one has totally changed my mind. It has a rounded tip brush which is really nice, and comes out of the tube with just enough mascara on it. I hate it when you pull the wand out and half the tube comes with it and you’re having to sit and try and put all of it back in. Not with this one! It goes on really smooth and you instantly see the results. I have $8-$9 dollar mascaras, but I’ll use this one from now on!!

Hope these reviews help you start a make-up bag, or add to the ever-growing kits we have:)

Have a great weekend!


Why Hello There :) June 5, 2012

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My name is Heather and welcome to my beauty/life blog!!! On here, we are going to discuss different ways to look beautiful. Not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are going to talk about different make-up looks, ways to make yourself feel beautiful, and things that you can do to make you feel like there’s nothing that can bring you down in life. Sometimes, we never really slow down from the hussle and bussle of life to do a check on ourselves. Hopefully, I can help you do just that 🙂

I am going to be working with one of my good friends, and she’s gonna help give insight as well. Her name is Sheila and she has an amazing website! This is the name of her page that I hope all of you will go look at.


I will try to post as least twice a week, but please forgive me if life decides that I can’t. Fell free to give feedback and let me know what we should talk about.

See you soon, and thank you for coming on this wonderful journey with me!!!